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Maxillofacial & Oral Surgeon, Facial Plastic Surgeon

Manolis Heliotis is known for his large practice in Orthognathic, Facial Aesthetic and Facial Contouring Surgery which is highly regarded by both peers and patients. He has peer reviewed patient reported outcomes of this clinical work published, spanning years.

Manolis is the designated Surgeon in his region for Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Replacement Surgery.

A sample of the many patients expressing their gratitude for the complex aesthetic and functional facial surgery carried out by Manolis, is displayed here.

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These patients share valuable information about their procedures, their experiences and how Manolis has changed their lives so they can feel normal, beautiful and present themselves confidently, as well as function normally. They are a testament as to why Manolis has a national reputation in these fields over and above his internationally published work.

As a leader in surgery, Manolis has been Divisional Surgical Director of Surgery, St Mark’s, and Aesthetics & ICU in North West London for many years.

Scope of Facial Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery

Manolis has performed, taught and supervised thousands of procedures on people’s faces in his career for complex facial deformity, orthognathic surgery, cosmetic facial surgery, cranio-maxillofacial and orbital trauma and post-traumatic facial deformity correction, septorhinoplasties for cosmetic and post-traumatic nasal corrections, facial cosmetic implants, salivary gland surgery, head and neck skin cancer resections and reconstructions of nose, ear, eyelid, orbital and cheek defects with complex flaps and skin grafts.

He has also performed thousands of oral surgical procedures for impacted wisdom teeth, unerupted teeth and dental implants. He has used pioneering translational work in bone grafting and bone regeneration for facial reconstruction and jaw augmentations with recombinant growth factors and has carried out novel work in reconstructing defects resulting from bisphosphonate related osteonecrosis of the jaws.

Manolis Heliotis’ foremost professional aim is clinical excellence, to give the best care possible to every patient, together with the empathy, understanding and ethos that the Hippocratic Oath demands.

"I cannot thank you and your team enough.

You were all caring,

kind and supportive

throughout my journey"

Compassionate Support Throughout Your Patient Journey

Mr Manolis Heliotis understands that it can be a very stressful time for patients undergoing treatment. To this end, he has a highly trained and empathetic team poised to support his patients throughout their journey.

As a leading, highly accredited and respected Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon, Mr Manolis Heliotis is dedicated to excellence. Striving for distinction is key to his success. This is demonstrated in his commitment to supporting his patients throughout their journey. From the initial consultation to the patient’s final discharge - Manolis strives for excellence at all times.

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