As a warm and successful professional young woman in her twenties, Priya felt that her overall facial appearance impacted her confidence both personally and professionally. She was not happy with her long face and self-conscious that her lower jaw jutted forward. She felt that her face was out of proportion and she also complained that her bite was mis-aligned. Additionally, Priya was very unhappy with her nose. She felt it was beaked, over projected, and that the tip was droopy and bulbous. She also had decreased airflow through her nose resulting in nasal sounding speech.

It was decided to address all these issue in a staged approach which involved, firstly, the Orthodontic preparatory work in order to ensure Priya’s teeth were in the correct position. Secondly, this was followed approximately a year later by Bimaxillary Facial Surgery and finally Priya underwent an Open Septorhinoplasty (nose job), resulting in the nose Priya always wanted.

This involved reforming her nose completely. The tip was refashioned from being droopy and bulbous to being pretty, upturned, refined and fitting her face. The shape of her nose was re-sculpted as well as straightened. Normal breathing was restored and Priya’s nasal speech has now diminished.

For more details on Priya’s surgery and to see more photographs of her life-changing transformation visit our Case Study section.

"I cannot thank you and your team enough.

You were all caring,

kind and supportive

throughout my journey"

Compassionate Support Throughout Your Patient Journey

Mr Manolis Heliotis understands that it can be a very stressful time for patients undergoing treatment. To this end, he has a highly trained and empathetic team poised to support his patients throughout their journey.

As a leading, highly accredited and respected Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon, Mr Manolis Heliotis is dedicated to excellence. Striving for distinction is key to his success. This is demonstrated in his commitment to supporting his patients throughout their journey. From the initial consultation to the patient’s final discharge - Manolis strives for excellence at all times.

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