Priya’s transformation included Rhinoplasty Surgery ‘Nose job’.

As a warm and successful professional young woman in her twenties, Priya felt that her overall facial appearance impacted her confidence both personally and professionally. She was not happy with her long face and self-conscious that her lower jaw jutted forward. She felt that her face was out of proportion and she also complained that…

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Orthognathic (Jaw) Surgery in London

Orthognathic (Jaw) surgery aims to correct functional and cosmetic discrepancies in the face. Depending on the type and extent of the surgery, it aims at its most fundamental level to improve the relationship of the teeth and jaws to each other together with optimising and harmonising facial appearance. At its more complex, it may improve…

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Nose Surgery or Nose Job is medically termed as Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty or simply a ‘nose job’, is a surgical way of reshaping, reforming and changing the functionality, size or shape of a nose. It is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries for both cosmetic and medical reasons. There are several ‘nose job’ procedures, which tackle different concerns:  Reduction Rhinoplasty makes the nose smaller Septorhinoplasty alters…

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The Guardian – Sleep Apnoea Means I Feel Tired All The Time.

I read somewhere of a handy acronym GPs often use. Tatt: tired all the time. And I’ve been extremely Tatt for a while now. I just thought it was the way of things, what with getting older. I never feel as if I sleep particularly well, but rarely do I lie awake all night, either….

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What is The Non-Surgical facial aesthetic procedure Botox ?

More commonly known as Botox, ‘Botulinum Neurotoxin A’, is currently one of the most deliberated cosmetic aesthetic procedures. Whether it’s celebrities confessing to this treatment, or the media debating its pros and cons, there is no shortage of interest in Botox. Due to an ever-expanding fascination with cosmetic procedures and aesthetics in general, Botox has experienced a meteoric rise from obscurity (in the…

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"I cannot thank you and your team enough.

You were all caring,

kind and supportive

throughout my journey"

Compassionate Support Throughout Your Patient Journey

Mr Manolis Heliotis understands that it can be a very stressful time for patients undergoing treatment. To this end, he has a highly trained and empathetic team poised to support his patients throughout their journey.

As a leading, highly accredited and respected Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon, Mr Manolis Heliotis is dedicated to excellence. Striving for distinction is key to his success. This is demonstrated in his commitment to supporting his patients throughout their journey. From the initial consultation to the patient’s final discharge - Manolis strives for excellence at all times.

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